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Bringing Corporate Culture to the Bottom Line: Short and Long-Term Performance

This classic study was one of the first to show a close link between organizational culture and organizational performance.

Do Consistent Corporate Cultures Have Better Business Performance?

Strong, consistent cultures are a big advantage, except when everything is well integrated around the values of the past.

Paradox & Performance: Towards a Theory of Behavioral Complexity

This study shows that organizational cultures that manage complexity and trade-offs perform better.

Towards a Theory of Organizational Culture & Effectiveness

This paper uses case studies and survey data to explore the relationship between organizational culture and effectiveness.

Which Comes First, Organizational Culture, or Performance?

This article analyzes culture & performance and shows that our culture measures are a good predictor of customer satisfaction.

Linking Organizational Culture & Customer Satisfaction

Organizational culture has a big impact on customer satisfaction. These two studies show the results.

Habits as Change Levers

This paper provides a useful framework for understanding the deeper human and social elements of organization change: the culture perspective.


A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Leadership Assessment

Leadership 360 results from leaders in over 20 countries show a lot of commonalities, and a few important differences.

Corporate Culture & Organizational Effectiveness: Is Asia Different?

This frequently cited study shows that culture results from organizations in Europe, Asia, and North America have a lot of commonalities.

Organizational Culture & Effectiveness: Can American Theory Be Applied in Russia?

This study shows how our method can be used to understand performance differences among Russian companies.

Workplace Diversity: Is National or Organization Culture Predominant?

High levels of involvement are essential to managing diversity on a global scale.

Corporate Culture & Organizational Effectiveness: Is There a Similar Pattern Around the World?

Results from Europe, Asia, and North America show commonality across cultures.


Aligning Leadership & Culture: The Leader-Culture Fit Framework

Coaching leaders with an eye to their organizational context makes a big difference.

Executive Coaching: Leader Behavior Changes with Feedback and Coaching

Coaching makes leaders much more aware of their style as a manager.

Integrated Change Between Leader & Organizational Development

Integrating organizational and leadership development efforts help create the future.


Cultural Due Diligence in Mergers & Acquisitions

This study takes stock of the existing research in the area of cultural due diligence and evaluates the strengths and limitations.

Cultural Integration in Cross-Borders M&As

This article provides an overview of how to approach culture in both Mergers and Acquisitions.


What Practice Needs from Science Regarding Innovation Management

Organizations that manage both “market-in” and “organization-out” knowledge flows are the best innovators.

From Chimneys to Cross-Functional Teams: Developing a Diagnostic Model

This method was designed to highlight the differences between effective and ineffective new product development teams.


Diagnosing Organizational Cultures: Culture Effectiveness Surveys

This article gives an overview of diagnostic methods and presents a validation study of our method.

What is the Difference Between Organizational Culture & Climate?

This classic academic article presents an overview and integration of culture and climate research.