Content Modules

Our Organizational Culture Content Modules are designed to provide greater insight into employee commitment, organizational innovation, employee engagement and organizational trust. Each module has been rigorously developed through an academic review of the topic and validated statistically in pilot studies. They are benchmarked against a database of organizations to provide you with greater accuracy and clarity about where you stand.

Employee Commitment

Are your employees emotionally attached to the organization? Are they committed out of necessity? Do they have thoughts about employment elsewhere?

The Employee Commitment Module™ is designed to assess how much and in what ways employees are committed to their organization. This module enhances information about organizational-level commitment gathered by the Denison Organizational Culture Survey, by generating deeper insight into employees‘ attachment to the organization and their turnover intentions.

The Content

  1. I am highly committed to this organization.
  2. I would recommend working for this organization to others.
  3. I feel a strong personal connection to this organization.
  4. It would be difficult for me to leave this organization.
  5. I continue to work here more out of choice than necessity.
  6. I rarely think about looking for a job with another organization.

Organizational Innovation

Is your organization able to generate novel ideas (creativity) and implement them?  Do those implementations lead to positive outcomes?  Do you have the skills and creativity today to meet tomorrow’s challenges?

Our Organizational Innovation Module™ enhances information gathered by the Organizational Culture Survey about the values and behaviors that are important to facilitating innovation by measuring your capacity to make productive use of new ideas.

The Content

  1. People are encouraged to be creative.
  2. We are able to implement new ideas.
  3. New ideas are continually evaluated and improved upon.
  4. Support for developing new ideas is readily available.
  5. Innovation is a large part of our business activities.

Employee Engagement

Do your employees take pride in what they do? Are they interested in and passionate about their work? Does your organization foster excitement and enthusiasm in its workforce?

Our Employee Engagement Module™ is designed to assess your employee engagement, a heightened positive, emotional state in relation to one’s work or organization.

This module enhances information about organization-level work practices gathered by the Organizational Culture Survey by capturing the discretionary effort and energizing aspect of engagement in individuals in relation to their work and organization.

The Content

  1. My work drives me to go the extra mile.
  2. I am enthusiastic about working for this organization.
  3. I am proud to work for this organization.
  4. I am passionate about my work.
  5. My work energizes me.

Organizational Trust

Do your employees believe that their best interests are considered? Do people communicate honestly and openly? Is business conducted with integrity by adhering to moral and ethical standards?

Our Organizational Trust Module™ module is designed to assess your organization’s level of trust: the belief that co-workers have positive motives and intentions and that others can be relied upon.

This module enhances information gathered by the Organizational Culture Survey about the reliability and competence components of trust by capturing employee perceptions of several additional key components: organizational honesty, openness, integrity and benevolence/compassion.

The Content

  1. In this organization, decisions are made with employees’ best interests in mind.
  2. People in this organization have good motives and intentions.
  3. This organization conducts business with integrity.
  4. The people who work here are honest.
  5. Employees consider this organization to be trustworthy.

Safety Management

Does your organization have effective safety management practices? Are your leaders committed to safety as a priority? Are employees able to report safety issues quickly and are leaders quick to act?

Our Safety Management Module™ measures how organizations support safe behaviors and work practices. It is designed to complement the Organizational Culture Survey, and provides additional insight into other centrally-related components of safety management.

The Content

  1. All leaders demonstrate strong commitment to safety.
  2. Safety is the number one priority in everything we do.
  3. We have all the tools and resources needed to work safely.
  4. Employees take personal ownership for each other’s safety.
  5. Employees contribute to the development of our safety practices.
  6. We always work safely, even under high pressure.
  7. We continually look for new ways to work safely.
  8. We work to gain a deep understanding of all near-misses (or “close calls”).
  9. People from different parts of the organization work together in a way that ensures their safety.
  10. All safety issues are reported quickly to leaders and managers.
  11. Leaders and managers act quickly to resolve all safety issues.
  12. Considering everything, this organization is a very safe place to work.

Risk Management

Does your organization have effective Risk Management practices? Do you effectively identify and analyze potential risks? Do they know how to handle risks when they arise?

Our Risk Management Module™ measures the effectiveness of risk management practices in an organization. It is designed to complement our Organizational Culture Survey by specifically capturing employee perceptions of various aspects of risk management.

The Content

  1. We continually look out for new risks.
  2. We monitor all risks, even when they seem minor.
  3. We gather useful information to better understand the risks we face.
  4. Employees are comfortable speaking up about risks.
  5. Leaders ask employees about risks in a way that encourages open and honest discussions.
  6. We have a thorough process for deciding how to respond to potential risks.
  7. There is wide agreement about how much risk we are willing to take.
  8. How we handle risk is consistent and predictable.
  9. We have a proactive planning process for the risks we face.
  10. Considering everything, we manage our risks very effectively.

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Private Equity
As a CEO of a private equity firm, you know that firms with a strong, vibrant culture perform better in a highly competitive marketplace. Denison can work with you to build effective culture in all of your portfolio firms. Our assessment tools enable you to capture a clear picture of your current state. Our consulting expertise supports you in making the changes necessary to achieve superior financial performance. It’s about how you work as a team, how your policies meet practice within the culture of the organization, how performance aligns with your investment criteria.
  • Delivers a consistent assessment of your portfolio companies
  • Gives you an unambiguous picture of the culture
  • Provides a disciplined process and measureable action plan for
  • Offers hands-on strategic consulting to address gaps and affirm best
practices currently being used by your portfolio companies
Our approach:
Financial Services
In the financial sector, you are active in a wide variety of client environments that need to support accountability and the highest ethical standards. The trust that your customer places in your organization is dependent upon the culture that your employees exhibit every day.

You need a clear understanding of how your culture and the people in your organization function within the midst of the complexities of the current financial institutional marketplace. The Denison Model can give you that clarity. From brokerage firms, to retail banking, to institutional banking to insurance, Denison has specific, measurable benchmarking that identifies the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. With this baseline diagnostic, our consulting team can support you to put in place action plans to sustain your high standards and see financial performance improvement.
The manufacturing environment is constantly being tasked with improvement in quality and delivery while maintaining the highest levels of safety. The Denison Model equips you to reach from the senior leadership team to the shop floor in a globally networked manufacturing environment to build a culture oriented to continuous improvement in these mission critical areas.

Through our consultancy services, we work with a broad cross-section of your technical and operational staff to align around the goal of producing the highest quality products in the world--on time and on budget.
Within the healthcare market, high performance is measured primarily in patient outcomes. The marriage of the institution with doctors, support staff and operational teams is key to achieving best-in-class patient outcomes. Denison works with you to achieve these outcomes by building a culture that is tuned to the unique ecosystem of support that patients require.

Our organizational culture assessment based on the Denison Model is a proven approach that has supported healthcare providers with actionable feedback for decades. Against four core drivers of cultural high performance, the assessment identifies what is going well and clarifies challenges you may be facing. Then our consulting team is able to support you in addressing these challenges with action plans tailored to your inclusive and diverse environment.
Case Study
The management of culture in an organization whose members are always on the move.
At Denison, student outcomes are well understood as the goal of every educational organization. Our consulting expertise and diagnostic tools allow your team to more fully understand, articulate and implement your mission. You will gain a collective understanding of your organization’s strengths, weaknesses and challenges benchmarked against other peer institutions, all targeted toward providing students with the best learning environment.

Then, through Action Planning, we will work with you to improve your academic and operational excellence to support the diverse student learning environment of higher education, K-12 schools and related associations.
As a retailer, you know that culture drives the customer experience of your organization. The hospitality, support, and follow-up lived out by your staff all make the difference in each interaction with a consumer. It's that experience that really drives what your behavior should be.

Denison allows you to understand how your organization can support the customer experience. We provide you data that helps you understand your organization all the way through checkout. And we provide sustainable support programs that enable you to address the challenges you face to attract and retain loyal brand customers and to ensure superior financial performance.
Smart restaurant owners know that the patron experience is driven by the culture of their organization. The hospitality, support, and follow-up lived out by your culinary and waitstaff all make the difference in each dish you serve. You know that it is the patron’s needs and expectations that really drive what your team’s behavior should be on the floor.

Denison allows you to understand how your organization is positioned to support the patron experience. We provide you benchmarked data from across the food industry that helps you understand your organization right to the final after-dinner mint. And we provide sustainable support programs that enable you to address the challenges you face to attract and retain loyal brand customers and to ensure superior financial performance.
To achieve high performance in a government initiative requires a different understanding of metrics of success. Typical financial results of business, like sales growth or ROI, are not the KPIs measured here. Rather it is advancement of the mission.

For example, Denison supports military men and women in action through our work with the Defense Logistics Agency (DOA). We provide core culture assessment and an improvement program that helps this department maintain a strong culture to fulfill their mission--addressing everything needed to support fighting men and women in combat through readiness preparation.
Case Study
A transformation that didn’t require thousands of dollars, but a new way of interacting.
Because of the ever-increasing pace in the introduction of new technology and shortening of technology life-cycle, having a culture fluent in adaptability is critical. These factors all drive the need to recoup costs and show profit more and more quickly. Being able to seamlessly change business models to drive market expansion, product acceptance and superior performance is absolutely critical in this high-potential return but volatile market. Talent is also at a premium.

Based on diagnostics structured through the Denison Model, our consultancy team will help you build a culture that knows who it is and who best will fit your organization. With this alignment, you gain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining the engineers, researchers and innovators you need to lead in introducing market-changing innovation.
Whether you deal with business travelers, tourists, or products in the supply chain, safety and schedule reliability are two of the key deliverables. For decades, Denison has worked with leaders in the transportation industry, helping transform organizations in the face of changing markets and technologies, to ensure consumer safety and satisfaction, as well as bottom-line business success.

When you bring Denison on board, our experienced consultants help you make decisions and plans based on data benchmarked against the global industry. We put your organization on the path to high performance, with measurable benefits to your bottom line.